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Distribution Policy:

All-Tech Marketing has developed the same strategic alliance with our Distributor sales teams that have made us successful with our most valued customers. Through a consistent, focused approach, we have designed a quarterly review process that measures the seven areas critical to our mutual success:

  1. Quarterly Goal Setting
  2. Quarterly Training
  3. New Business Opportunity Follow-Up
  4. Lost Business Reporting
  5. Incentive Based Promotions
  6. Registration Programs
  7. Lead Tracking

In a territory dominated by Distributor based relationships such as the Mid-Lantic & Chesapeake regions, it is additionally important to align ourselves with the distributors who strive to bring value to the daily selling process.

Today's customers are reliant upon distribution to provide value-based programs such as Consignment, Inventory Management, Bin Stocking and Maintenance. All-Tech Marketing advocates such efforts. We understand that the continued support of our distributor partners and their VALUE-ADDED programs are critical to achieve the desired growth in our territory for All-Tech and our principals.

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